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Exile & Migration and Myth & History Rewriting

About Us

The Fenix network offers a wide range of research tools, activities and a discussion platform for the exchange of information between its members. Members are invited to contact fellow members; submit problems, topics for discussion, and research proposals; exchange publications and information on new issues regarding their research; and share information on conferences, workshops, and other activities they are organizing.

As a transnational research network, Fenix brings into contact researchers on women refugees who fled from their countries of origin during the 20th century. Today’s Refugee Studies rarely address historical matters, yet ideas about forced migration have long roots in Western history. Europe’s 20th century is especially characterized by massive refugee crises. Women refugees fulfill an important role in both the processes of integration in the host country and the preservation of the culture and language of the country of origin. However, female testimonies on adaptation and identity development are less foregrounded, which means that the refugee experience is generally determined by a male perspective. This network aims to connect researchers who adopt a gendered focus on the reception and integration of refugees this last century. With the objective of surpassing language barriers and national boundaries, the network brings together the specialized knowledge that researchers have of the different refugee cases and contributes to the shared exploration of these insights.